Counselling - why are you waiting?

Counselling – Why Are You Waiting?

I often speak with potential clients who haven’t considered seeing a counsellor because their GP referred to a psychologist with a mental health plan. This post looks at three of the common misconceptions.

Misconception One: A Counsellor Will Cost More

When you visit a psychologist under a mental health plan, it is likely that you will have to pay a Medicare Gap fee for each session. The gap fee can vary, but the average range is around $90- $120 per-session.

At Sunny Coast Counselling we charge clients between $90 and $100 per-session, so you can see that most clients would not be out-of-pocket by seeing a counsellor. Indeed, the majority would save money.


Counsellors are trained to work with clients across a broad range of mental health issues and will never take on a client with an issue that they do not have the experience and qualifications to work with.

Yes there are some things that one should see a psychologist for. However, in many cases a registered counsellor will be more than suitable for you.

MISCONCEPTION THREE: Thre WIll Be A Long Waiting List

I often here people waiting six to twelve months to see a psychologist under a mental health plan. When you have an issue that is serious enough for you to seek help, that isn;’t acceptable.

There are many counsellors available and most will be able to see you (or refer you to someone who can) within a matter of days. In the majority of cases, you’ll get to see a counsellor that same week.

So if you’ve got issues that you’d like to work through, by all means go to a psychologist but please consider utilising a counsellor too. You won’t be sorry you did!

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