Sunny Coast Counselling helps you work through life’s challenges in a nurturing,
non-judgemental, safe space.


Life’s journey involves stormy as well as blue sky days. Sunny Coast Counselling will help you weather the inevitable storms and maximise enjoyment through living a values-driven, purpose-filled life.

I am John Belchamber, an Australian Counselling Association registered counsellor with over 24 years of people development experience. Following an initial session of getting to know you, your unique story and what you’d like to achieve, I will use scientifically proven counselling methodologies to help you achieve your goals.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your counselling journey by visiting my website. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

John Belchamber


Grief & Loss

Losing someone and/or something important to you can bring up all kinds of difficult thoughts and emotions. Whilst friends and family can be of great assistance at such times, working with a counsellor allows you to speak openly about your unique experiences and find a way through your grief that suits you
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Life Alignment

Sometimes things happen which cause us to lose sight of ourselves, our values and the life we want to lead. I’m here to listen, understand and help you re-set your inner compass towards the life you choose.

Men’s Business

The modern world is full of change, the expectations of men are perhaps greater than ever before, yet we’re rarely given the space we need to talk through our thoughts and (yes) feelings. Perhaps you’re looking for support to develop the skills needed to be an effective ‘21st-century man’.

Psychological Flexibility

Would you like to develop the skills to help you accept life’s ups and downs and live a life guided by your deepest values in which you are being fully present and engaged?

Employee Assistance

For employers who wish to provide their employees with access to counselling services.

Well-being Training

Our well-being training is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client in terms of content, timing, delivery format and budget. More >>>

Note: where I believe your needs fall outside of my professional capabilities, I will offer you an appropriate referral to more suitable professionals.

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