Counselling For Men

Counselling For Men

Males account for 76% of the deaths by suicide in Australia each year yet men avoid seeing counsellors, clearly this needs to change and John Belchamber wants Sunny Coast Counselling to help make this happen.

Male Mental Health Crisis

In 2018, the were 3,046 recorded deaths by suicide in Australia. 76% of these were males. Beyond Blue report that “On average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives.1” Clearly this is not good enough and as a counsellor, I want to do what he can to help lower these numbers.

Counselling For Men

I’m a crisis support volunteer with Lifeline and have lived experience of suicide, so I’m very aware of what people go through and, helping them through it. As a counsellor, I hope to help as many males as possible by providing counselling services that men will actually attend. I’m experimenting with facilitating counselling sessions in environments that suit my clients. For example, I am offering ‘Fire-pit Conversations’ where individuals or groups sit with me around a fire and have meaningful conversations in a nurturing, safe, non-judgmental space. I learned from experience that camp fires are the perfect place to stimulate exchanges that can have a lasting impact.

Fire-pit Conversations help men to have meaningful conversations.

What Have You Got To Lose?

I offer a free initial session so prospective clients can met me and decide if me and my counselling for men services are right for them. It’s important for the therapeutic process that my clients feel a connection with me. If after this session the connection and/or my methodologies aren’t right for you, I’ll do my best to refer them to a counsellor that would be a better fit.

Free First Sessionclick here to book your free initial session and start your journey towards living living a values-driven, purpose-filled life.

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